Best Indian Food In Calgary

SAMOSA HOUSE Indian Restaurant & Sweets is located in the North East community of CityScape close to Metis Trail and the Airport. We create delicious Indian food combining the classic Indian style you love.  Samosa House Indian Restaurant and Sweets is serving real taste hand made best Indian as well as Non- Vegetarian Food. Visit us and enjoy the Best Indian Food in Calgary We offer A wide variety of Indian Food as well as Sweets. Taking inspiration from the rich diversity of cultures that exist in India, Our chefs are proud to cook their home-style recipes at Samosa House Indian Restaurant & Sweets.

The salty and spicy recipes win the hearts of every food lover around us no matter where we live. The rich and flavorful tastes of our recipes take over everyone’s kitchen with unusual smells and exciting flavors. Everybody admires our customary dishes, and so do the Asian people.

We have been known in Calgary because of our delicious authentic Indian Food And Sweets. We provide food that is Spicy, Tasty, And full of flavors. We prepare food by using fresh herbs, Garam Masala mixed with rich flavors of Ginger And Garlic. We promise an intimate and moderate experience that offers the best service of Take-out.

Our Special Puri Chole made with (Pure Desi Ghee) at Our Restaurant is a mouth-watering dish.

Malai Kofta is a delicious dish of fried balls of potato and paneer in a rich and creamy mild gravy sauce.
Which Non-Veg Cury would you like to devour?
– Butter Chicken
Kadhai Chicken
Chicken Vindaloo
Goat Curry
Chicken Curry
Chicken Tikka Masala



When it comes to service we look forward to a longer vision. Indians can fulfill dream of having wonderful Indian food at our Restaurant. We try to be best in hospitality , infrastructure and food collection. We have best car parking facilities for those who visited our place. We have best security arrangements with cctv cameras of latest technology. We have good and vaulable infrastructure we have tables and chairs for customer to sit and enjoy our food. 


We have best staff to serve to it’s customers. our staff is quite supportive. we have dress code for all staff members.We try to keep good bond with customers and staff and we have staff who keep good understanding with customers they know how to serve hot delicious food .Our staff consists of experienced professionals who understand how to prepare and serve steaming hot, delicious meals, fresh bread and drinks in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.


Indian food has become the most favorite cuisine for people in Calgary. We take pride in a variety of our authentic dishes and the highest quality of our food. Enjoy the exceptional flavor of what you’re eating. We provide the Best Indian food at reasonable prices. Cooking is our passion so you can expect every order has been prepared by the owners themselves.